The main tasks of the Center for International Education and Cooperation are:

  • Establishing and coordinating the cooperation of the University units with educational institutions, research centers and other international organizations of foreign countries.
  • Collection and processing of information that would ensure the University's entry into the university or its subdivisions into international governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Monitoring of the market of educational services in different regions of the world in order to identify the perspective directions and forms of international cooperation in the areas of training (specialties) of the University.
  • Search for overseas educational institutions for cooperation and update their information base.
  • Organization of the reception of foreign delegations and individual specialists during meetings and negotiations of the university's administration and other authorized persons with representatives of foreign educational institutions, business entities and international organizations.
  • Collection and analysis of information on projects and grants of international organizations and higher educational institutions of foreign countries; informing the structural units of the university regarding these projects; realization of joint projects with foreign partners and participation of scientists, postgraduates, teachers, staff and students of the University.
  • Assistance (informational, organizational and other support) to teachers, students and staff of the University when completing the documents necessary for traveling abroad in official matters for the purpose of practice, internship, education or advanced training.
  • Assist in international recognition of training courses, qualifications, degrees and academic degrees obtained at the University.
  • Organization of studying students of the University in foreign educational establishments for exchange programs and programs of two diplomas
  • Search for foreign and domestic organizations involved in the organization of study abroad of citizens of its and other countries, preparation of pacts, contracts, agreements with the above structures.
  • Informing lecturers, postgraduates and students of the University about international projects, programs, funds, grants and internships.
  • Coordination of the activities of structural subdivisions of the University and control of educational, methodological, scientific and educational work with foreign students.
  • Organization of admission of foreign citizens for pre-university training.
  • Granting foreign citizens, as well as other persons paid services provided for by applicable law.

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