Lviv University of Trade and Economics is a leading higher educational institution and an acknowledged research center of the fourth accreditation level. It has gained highly recognized authority in Ukraine and abroad throughout its two hundred year history.

Lviv University of Trade and Economics is an innovative institution with the rich educational background. The University has 3 institutes, 4 faculties, 28 departments, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, the Center of Modern European Languages, a Resource Computer Center, a Personnel Agency and a Recreation Camp in the Carpathians.

Lviv University of Trade and Economics

The University has modern educational resources and employs highly qualified staff. At various forms of studying, including full-time, extramural / distance and evening ones, the University trains Bachelors in 10 training areas as well as Masters and Specialists in 12 specialties.

The teaching process is based on computer technologies and innovative methods. All students have a free Internet access and the opportunity to learn more than one foreign language. All the students of the University are provided with accommodation in the dormitories. At the end of studying the students gain a nationally recognized Diploma.

Institute of Economics and Finance

Educational and Research Institute of Economics and Finance provides training in specialities:

  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Economics

There are favorable studying conditions for the professional formation and harmonious development of young people.

The teaching staff of seven departments of the Institute consisting of more than 70 people, including 11 doctors and professors and more than 50 Ph.D. degree teachers, prominent economists not only in Ukraine but also abroad run training for bachelors and masters.

The educational process involves mastering fundamental and professional disciplines that allow students to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the economy in modern conditions.

The library of educational, scientific and economic literature is at students’ service including the works of the teachers of the Institute; the auditoriums are equipped with modern technical facilities.

The Institute Staff have excellent relationships with the outside communities and are engaged in scientific and educational cooperation with many businesses providing students’ effective practical training and facilitating their employment.

Institute of Economics and Finance

The close cooperation with the universities in Poland provides the opportunity to study and undergo training abroad and receive a European standard diploma.

Most students of the Institute successfully combine their studies with scientific activities coordinated by the Student Community. Students’ research work results in the annual victory in nationwide student Olympiads and competitions of research and dissertations, participation in national and international conferences and publishing scientific papers.

The democracy and transparency of the educational process and partner conditions of cooperation between the Staff and Student Community are achieved thanks to the functioning of the student self-government body - the Student Council of the Institute of Economics and Finance, which represent students’ interests and defend their rights.

The Student Council deal not only with educational and scientific work, but also with leisure, discovery and development of students’ sports and creative abilities. The Institute has a tradition of holding cultural events devoted to public holidays, commemoration of the days of the Institute and Specialties, flower opening days and charity fairs.

One of the best gyms in Lviv enables the students of the Institute to be engaged in game sports, aerobics and shaping. It is not a coincidence that the students of the Institute of individual sports are champions of Ukraine and Europe.

Institute of Economics and Finance is a guarantor of:

  • quality economic education
  • comfortable learning environment
  • development of scientific skills
  • disclosure of creative and sports potential
  • interesting leisure
  • successful employment and career growth

Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing

The Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing was founded more than 70 years ago. Before 2016 it was called the Faculty of Commodity Science and Commerce, and since 2016 -the Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing. One of the first Deans of the Faculty (1940-1941) was Petro Franko, the famous chemist and public figure - Ivan Franko’s son.

The Faculty consists of such departments:

  • Commodity and Technology of Food Production
  • Commodity and Technology of Non-Food Products
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Customs and Technical Regulation
  • Food Technology
  • Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business
  • Management

Research and teaching staff of the departments (15 Professors, Doctors of Sciences, and more than 40 Associate Professors, Ph.D.s) provide training at a high professional level. Training, further and advanced training of the teaching staff is carried out through doing research work, postgraduate studies, undergoing a study course at leading universities and research institutions in Ukraine, as well as taking part in methodological and scientific seminars and conferences.

Each department has its classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories. In addition, faculty computer rooms and computerized laboratories, equipped with modern personal computers, are used in the teaching process. The educational process is provided with a full package of modern software. The main sources of information support for the teachers and students of the Faculty are the reading room and electronic media.

Nowadays almost 1,370 students receive higher education at the Faculty. The Faculty provides full-time and part-time training for achieving the educational qualifications of:

  • Bachelor (Speciality “Business, Trade and Exchange Activities”, “Hotel and Restaurant Business”, “Food Technology”, “Management” and “Tourism”);
  • Master (Speciality “Business, Trade and Exchange Activities”, “Hotel and Restaurant Business”, “Management”, “Public Management and Administration”);

Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing

The graduation departments of the Faculty have generally recognized in Ukraine scientific schools and prepare highly qualified scientific staff through postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The Faculty of Commodity, Management and Servicing effectively integrates with European and world education systems.

Faculty graduates can occupy key positions of heads and experts in government, in the field of cooperative and state trade, light and food industries, the system of standardization, certification and examination of goods, in the customs services, restaurants and hotels, health resorts, in environmental inspectorate, research and education institutions.

The Faculty applies two-semester form of training – two semesters in an academic year (beginning of the semester is September and February). Once a semester the Faculty carries out academic assessment of students, which helps to activate and stimulate their learning. The students participate in research work which is conducted by the departments under the supervision of lead teachers. According to the results of the research work the students deliver reports at university, inter-university and international conferences.

Faculty graduates have an opportunity to do post graduate and doctoral studies at Lviv University of Trade and Economics and other trade and economic educational establishments.

The specialized Academic Council for the defense of Ph.D. theses in technical sciences functions at the Faculty.

Student Government and Student Scientific Community were set up at the Faculty, moreover their structures with appropriate division of authorities and responsibilities were determined.

The Academic Council of the Faculty always includes representatives of the Student Government. Regularly at the meetings of the Faculty Academic Council, questions concerning the problems and prospects of the Student Government, directions of educational and organizational work are heard. A constant work to attract students to action resulted in the popularity of the Student Government at Lviv University of Trade and Economics. The Authorities of the Faculty co-operate closely with the Student Government on various issues that arise during the educational process.

The students of the Faculty have an opportunity to fulfill themselves in amateur-talent groups, in volunteer programs and social projects, to use the modern sports complex of the University, and undergo military training.

Faculty of Law

To study at the Faculty of Law t is promising and prestigious.

The Law Faculty of Lviv University of Trade and Economics provides training for students of «Law» specialization 081 since 1992.

The Law Faculty is a University department, which trains highly qualified specialists of jurisprudence that can quickly adapt to the realities of practice, be independent in judgment, and have a strong sense of fairness and desire for new knowledge.

Training of highly qualified specialists at the Law Faculty is carried out by the following departments:

  • Theory of State and Law
  • Civil Law and Procedure
  • Criminal law and Procedure
  • Commercial Law and Procedure
  • Philosophy and Culture
  • History and Political Science

Faculty provides training for specialists of speciality 081 «Law»:

  • Bachelor (full-time, extramural education) – 4 years
  • Master (full-time, extramural education) – 1 year and 6 months of training

Classes with students of the Faculty are conducted by teachers practitioners who possess academic degrees and titles Ph.D., Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

Modern computer technologies are widely used in the process of training students, they are also provided with fully equipped and necessary technical means, the media, relevant library fund, which is constantly updated.

Faculty of Law

Practical training of law students include:

  • involvement in lecturing judges, practicing lawyers, notaries, members of the judiciary;
  • practical training in legal clinics - providing free legal assistance to vulnerable groups;
  • visiting courts;
  • using interactive methods in the learning process such as simulation trials, consideration and discussion the current legislation;
  • students mobility - the opportunity to have training and internship in leading educational institutions of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and others.
  • involvement in international grant programs;
  • scholarships and awards for outstanding achievements in studying.

The faculty has a good tradition to hold joint students and teachers scientific international and national conferences.

Most creative, scientific students’ works are recommended for participation in intercollegiate and international competitions. They are published in the journals of students’ papers, professional Journal of the Faculty of Law, collections of scientific conferences. Every year Law students successfully participate in national jurisprudence competitions, round tables, Brain-rings, where they worthily represent the faculty and get prizes.

The student government plays a great role at the faculty. The students are actively involved in the life of the faculty.

Legal clinic successfully operates at the Faculty. Consultants of the legal clinic, best students, under the guidance of experienced teachers, practitioners and lawyers provide legal assistance to the poor. It promotes obtaining practical work skills in the specialty and increases the competitiveness of graduates of the Law Faculty in the labor market. Consultants of the clinic actively participate in preparing procedural documents, represent and protect the interests of citizens in courts and other state bodies and institutions for free.

Law students learn a complex of subjects that form the modern world of a lawyer:

  • Theory of State and Law problems;
  • Medical Law;
  • Contractual Relations problems;
  • Scientific Background of Crime Qualification;
  • Corporate Law of EU and Ukraine;
  • Protection of Individual Rights in Criminal Proceedings;
  • Information Law;
  • Commercial Law problems.

Faculty of Law closely cooperates with University graduates. Law students have practice in the specialty under the direction of University graduates. The best students during the practice, have the possibility of employment.

Faculty of Law graduates are judges, lawyers, notaries working in Universities, law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors’ offices, ministries and departments.

Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies

Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies has been working on the educational market for more than 20 years!

Studying at the Faculty includes:

  • the opportunity to become a member of various international educational programs and to study or do practical training abroad
  • close relationships with educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries, including Poland, Italy, Armenia, Moldova, Bulgaria
  • innovative teaching methods, accompanied by the latest technical means
  • practical use of the best practices of leading foreign universities
  • advanced methods with the help of which students learn to enrich their knowledge on their own, to apply the achievements of science and technology creatively
  • the possibility to learn several foreign languages professionally, which suggests fluent speaking skills, negotiation and translation skills
  • interesting student life, full of activities: thematic meetings, concerts, parties, charitable actions, meetings with celebrities, business games, celebrations of culture days of different countries, sport competitions etc.

Faculty of International Economic Relations and Information Technologies

Speciality «International Economic Relations». The intensification of globalization processes, the integration of Ukraine into the global economy lead to an increase in the needs for specialists in the labor market who know the trends and are able to analyze the regularity of the global market environment development, with skills in business negotiations and fluency in several foreign languages. So nowadays the profession of a specialist in international economic relations is considered elite, well-paid and prestigious. Our graduates within professional activities have the opportunity to travel around the world, explore the economic and business environment of foreign countries and master several foreign languages. The knowledge, obtained by the students in learning process, will enable them to work in government agencies, offices of multinational corporations, enterprises with foreign capital, business structures in all economic spheres of Ukraine and foreign countries, universities and academic institutions.

Speciality «Marketing». The expert in marketing is a specialist whose functions are to provide market research, to develop and implement the commodity and price policy of the enterprise, to find the most effective channels of product promotion, to process the sales promotion system, to select the advertising techniques and other activities associated with:

  1. the creation of attractive consumer goods and services;
  2. ensuring consumer goods and services implementation;
  3. a positive company image maintaining for its further steady development.

The speciality of «Marketing» in a higher education system involves studying a wide range of subjects related to economics and business, allowing graduates to work in various fields of economic activity, both in marketing, commercial and sales departments, and on the positions connected with management and business activity organization of different industries.

Speciality «Journalism» (Specialization of «Advertising in Business»). We face the advertisement dozens or even hundreds of times a day. The growth of its volumes shows an increase in specialists required in this sphere. Advertising is closely connected with Public Relаtions – PR. Nowadays advertising is used by politicians and artists, small and large forms, industrial and commercial enterprises, small cafes and giant service sectors. Advertising is the engine of sales and at the same time sales are very important in the activity of any company. It is significant that students gain the knowledge of advertising in the interconnection with various spheres of economic, commercial and fi nancial activity of enterprises. A considerable part of educational process is devoted to issues of modern business, entrepreneurship, management, marketing and expanding the scope of specialist future employment.

Speciality «Computer Sciences and Information Technology». The speciality trains specialists in the field of Information Technologies. Considerable amount of vacancies is offered to the specialists by IT-companies (for software development) and by other fields of the economy (for maintaining, modifying and sustaining the existing software). For graduates it is possible to gain profound knowledge of IT and economics and business, and therefore, how to get a job at IT-companies, as well as in any field of the economy and business. The lecturers of the graduate department have a wide practical experience and continually communicate with the students not only in the auditoriums, but also via the Internet.

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