All Specialities

Foreign citizens can choose any of our specialties in Ukrainian language. In that case you need to complete the Preparation course.

051 - Economics
061 - Journalism
071 - Accounting and taxation
072 - Finance, Banking and Insurance
073 - Management
075 - Marketing
076 - Entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activities
081 - Law
122 - Computer Sciences
181 - Food Technologies
241 - Hotel and restaurant business
242 - Tourism
292 - International Economic Relations


Studying for the Bachelor's Degree - the equivalent of 1500 USD for 1 year (4-years program)
Studying for the Master's Degree - the equivalent of 1800 USD for 1 year (1.5-year program)

Cost of additional services

Visa support services and the delivery of invitation - 150 USD
Insurance - the equivalent of 100 USD per 1 year
Migration formalities - the equivalent of 80 USD (is payed in migration office)
Consulting services - the equivalent of 35 USD
Transfer to the hostel or university - the equivalent of 10 USD
Translation services - 50-60 USD
Hostel - 60 USD per month

According to the rules of the university, each student is officially registered in our dormitory. At the same time the minimum payment for the hostel is for 5 months of residence ($ 300).

If you rent a private home and you will be OFFICIALLY registered in it - you will be refunded for accommodation in a hostel FROM THE MOMENT OF REGISTRATION in a private apartment. The document about registration of your residence must be submitted to the University.

All payments are made in hryvnias at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment

Bank details

Bank account: UA093006140000026005500224903