How to get an Invitation

For citizens of visa countries, as well as countries with which Ukraine has signed agreements on visa-free stay for up to 90 days (tourist, private and business trips), it is necessary to obtain a long-term ("training", type D) visa to Ukraine.

To obtain such kind of a visa, you need to submit documents to the Ukrainian Embassy according to the list on the Embassy website. This list of documents necessarily includes the original of "Invitation to Study".

Example of an Invitation
Example of an Invitation

To apply for the invitation please fill in the APPLICATION FORM.

Required documents:

  1. passport - good quality scanned copy
  2. school diploma (certificate) with the transcript of results (the best way is to put scanned copies into .PDF or .DOCX file)
  3. consent to processing personal data (

We check your documents, and if there are no restrictions, we shall apply for and invitation for you.

When the invitation is ready, you should pay the cost of our services, visa support services and the delivery of the invitation to you - 150 USD. It is payed to official University's account according to the commercial invoice (we send it to you when the invitation is ready).

Bank account: UA093006140000026005500224903