Meeting with the Visegrad Fund Project’s Working Group

Visegrad Fund Project's Working Group

On December 19, 2023 the Rector prof. Petro Kutsyk, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management prof. Tamara Herasymenko, head of the Department of finance, economic security, banking and insurance business prof. Oksana Kopylyuk met with with members of the working group of the Visegrad Fund project.

The project "Experience sharing of V4 against the shadow economy, corruption and tax avoidance in Ukraine" will take place in 3 stages, will consist of seminars and workshops, will start on January 1 2024 and will last until June 30, 2025.

The head of the working group - Tetyana Medynska, associate professor of the Department of Finance, Economic Security, Banking and Insurance Business presented the activities of the Visegrad Fund, its goals and objectives, and the countries participating in the project.

The working group also includes prof. Nadiya Rushchyshyn (the Department of finance, economic security, banking and insurance business), Volodymyr Humenyuk (3rd year bachelor's degree student), Sofia Starodub (2nd year bachelor's degree student).

The working group will work on research, the results of which will be reflected in articles and monographs on the following topics: the fight against corruption and the shadow economy; detection and reduction of tax evasion; modern tools and transparency of tax information.

Visegrad Fund Project's Working Group

At the meeting the issues of shadowing the economy, corruption, fraud and tax evasion in Ukraine in today's conditions were discussed.

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