Gained the Experience to Form Her Own Worldview

Roksolana Skoropada

Roksolana Skoropada, a student majoring in "Finance, Banking and Insurance", shares her impressions of the short-term Erasmus+ "Colours of Europe" exchange (Vilnius, Lithuania).

Participation in the training course "Colors of Europe" in Vilnius became an unforgettable experience for forming one's own worldview. This unique opportunity not only broadened my horizons, but also provided valuable knowledge and skills that I can actively apply both in my personal life and in my professional interaction with young people. This diversity not only enriched my experience, but also allowed me to build bridges to future collaborations and work on common and strategic issues affecting youth.

This project encouraged me to think globally and act locally. The experience gained is one of those moments in my life that I will carry with me as a precious memory.

In addition, I believe that this knowledge will help in communication and cooperation with students and "opinion leaders" at the university.

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