Completion of the first training program “Professional Opportunities Workshop”

Professional Opportunities Workshop

On December 16, 2021, the Closing Ceremony of the first training program within the activities of the China-Ukrainian Training Center of Economics and Trade "Professional Opportunities Workshop" took place in the online format.

The program was implemented to effectively promote the internationalization of universities in accordance with the state program of the People's Republic of China "One Belt, One Road" and lasted from May 17 to October 31, 2021 in conjunction with the Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade. It was designed to train professionals with high quality technical skills who will have the appropriate professional skills, master the basic knowledge in the field of e-commerce, know the e-commerce system, will be able to engage in Internet marketing and web design for e-commerce and adapt to technological innovation.

Professional Opportunities Workshop

As part of the training, students studied three disciplines of 16 academic hours each:

  • Introduction to e-commerce,
  • Electronic marketing,
  • Layout of the e-commerce site page.

At the end of the semester an exam was organized for the course. During the ceremony, the certificates were awarded to the best students who successfully passed the exam in the course "E-Commerce + Technology" from the Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade.

Professional Opportunities Workshop

The Rector on behalf of the entire team involved in the project, students and himself thanked colleagues from the Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade for excellent initiative, high professionalism and expressed hope for further effective and fruitful cooperation, and thanked Sipei for assistance and comprehensive support.

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