Professional Opportunities Workshop: the First Training Program of the Chinese-Ukrainian Training Center of Economics and Trade

Professional Opportunities Workshop

In order to effectively promote the internationalization of Lviv University of Trade and Economics in cooperation with the Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade, on May 17, 2021 we are launching an educational program in the field of "E-Commerce" for students of all courses and specialties.

As a result, we will train professionals with high-quality technical skills who will have the appropriate professional skills, master basic knowledge in the field of e-commerce, know the e-commerce system, will be able to engage in Internet marketing and web design for e-commerce and adapt to technological innovation. .

Classes formats:

  1. Video: classes will be conducted in Chinese with English subtitles, students register through the site and then study on the site, and receive grades according to the duration of training and homework (detailed instructions for registration will be provided to those interested).
  2. Online: classes will be conducted in Chinese with English translation. Students gain access to live streaming through an online learning platform.

The duration of the program is 8 weeks.

At the end of the semester, an exam will be organized, which will consist in the final completion of the project, a specific form will be announced before the exam. After successfully passing the exam, students will receive a qualification certificate in the program "E-Commerce + Technology" from the Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade.

All interested students are asked to contact their Deans offices as soon as possible. The number of participants is limited!

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